…To Macau

The title of this blog created a mandate to visit Macau. I only had two days to spend between Hong Kong and Macau and nearly forsook the title of my blog in favor of more time in flashy HK.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t! Macau is a great little island, and it was a fun dose of Portugese colonial flavor (think cobblestones and faded yellow shuttered houses) mixed in with Chinese modernism (think ultraefficient buses and hyperconsumerism). Julia and I spent just a quick afternoon seeing the major sites–the unique site of the standing facade of St. Paul’s church, the hundreds of dazzling casinos (the world’s largest gambling center, far eclipsing Vegas in revenues), endless Rolex dealers, and beautiful people all around. We shared a plate of Brazilian rice and beans and listened in on a conversation in Portuguese about immigration woes. We drank some taro milk tea, shared a legendary egg tart, and hopped back on the ferry to HK in time for a swanky dinner downtown.

Macau, you’re cool. I’m glad you rhyme with Moscow, or I may have never visited you.

Buildings in Macau


Standing facade of St. Paul's Church


Macau casinos


Two hours in Macau


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