Cameo at 35,000 Feet

I expected a lot of things out of my flight home. Since I was on the fancy Cathay Pacific airline, I was ready for the free-flowing complimentary booze, multiple meals, nonstop attentive service and huge selection of movies and TV shows. The electrical outlet, coat hanger and ample leg room were all bonuses I hadn’t dared hope for.

But! I wasn’t expecting to see myself three years ago! Back in the summer of 2009, I was an extra in the film Warrior, which was filmed in Pittsburgh. I played a high school student and was paid $200 for two long days of sitting around, filming, and eat free lunch. I never bothered to see the film when it came out, since it’s not really my thing.

But they had it on the plane! I fast-forwarded through scenes of Nick Nolte looking old and grumpy until I spotted the high school we filmed in, and hark! There I was, looking over my shoulder, walking down a hallway in North Hills High School. My big motion picture debut comes about 34 minutes in, should you care to watch.



2 responses to “Cameo at 35,000 Feet

  1. No idea what that movie is, but I’m totally watching it now.

  2. Too freaking funny! I love this!

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