Five Months

Wow, the last monthly check-in before it’s all over. Incredible.

Battambang. A real highlight to my trip to Cambodia, Battambang was a great place to spend a few days. Between the circus, winery, bamboo train and abundant Western breakfasts, I fell quickly into the small city’s charms.

Circus in Battambang

Thai Beaches. Ko Phi Phi. Railay. Minor islands in between. Just stunningly beautiful. Fruit salad, rock climbing, papaya salad, smoldering sunsets–I’ll go back any day.

Longtails at Railay

Sunset over West Railay

Rock Climbing in Railay

Chiang Mai. Still coming off of sleepy, low-key beach mode, I took my sweet time in Chiang Mai. I stayed in the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood, home to the Chiang Mai university and it’s cutely hip students. I stayed in the Chan Neung cafe/art space/hostel, a fun and funky hangout for the bohemian and fashionably intellectual. I spent my mornings sipping single-origin pour-over coffees, afternoons taking long walks and bike rides around the city, and evenings people-watching and chatting with students in outdoor restaurants.

Chan Neung Cafe, Art Space and Hostel

JoMa Cafe. This is so pathetic–I know. But JoMa cafe, a minor chain in Laos, was home to the best breakfast I’ve had on the trip so far. Homemade granola, homemade sour yogurt and tons of fresh fruit, alongside a big fat mug of deliciously dark coffee. Add that to a day-old, half-price pastry and we’re talking brunch to the max for under $5. I would dawdle over the pastry, using free wifi in a slow start to the day. Great news–they have a branch in Hanoi!

JoMa Cafe

Next month at this time, I’ll be in Pittsburgh. Thankfully, just a few days later I’ll scoot off to the Dominican Republic for a week to ease myself slooowly out of the traveling rhythm–wouldn’t want to rush back to real life too soon. And before the DR, I’ll spend a day in Philadelphia to formally apply for my Italian citizenship. Combine that with a few very exciting work gigs, a great house, wonderful friends and Pittsburgh in spring time… and the end of this trip isn’t the end of the world.

But I’m clinging to these last 3.5 weeks–Vietnam, let’s go!


One response to “Five Months

  1. You were in so many places this past month! Can’t wait to hear about Vietnam…

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