One Month


1 month: Check


8,000 miles traveled since Moscow (all by train!)
196 hours spent on trains
9 nights spent on trains
17% done with the whole trip (!!)

At the one-month mark, I’m feeling happy, healthy and strong. I still have a lot of energy, though the pace is starting to get tiring. The next couple of weeks don’t let up much, either. Here’s how I spent my first month:

Sept 7-8 Moscow
Sept 8-9 Train to Perm
Sept 9-10 Perm
Sept 11-13 Train to Irkutsk
Sept 13-14 Irkutsk, train to Ulan Ude
Sept 15 Ulan Ude
Sept 16-17 Train to Mongolia
Sept 17-22 Mongolia
Sept 22-23 Train to Beijing
Sept 23-30 Beijing
Oct 1-4 Shanghai
Oct 4-6 Train to Kunming
Oct 6-7 Kunming

And coming up:

Oct 7-8 Dali
Oct 8 Baoshan
Oct 9-11 Lijiang
Oct 12-13 Train to Chengdu
Oct 13 Chengdu
Oct 13-15 Train to Lhasa
Oct 15-22 Lhasa, greater Tibet, Everest Base Camp (Tibet side)
Oct 22 Arrive Nepal
Oct 24-Nov 10ish Trek to Everest Base Camp (Nepal side)
Nov 10-20ish Meditation and yoga in an ashram in Nepal

The Tibet bit will be interesting. One needs a whole other slew of permits and releases to get to Tibet, plus special ones for everywhere outside of Lhasa. It’s a huge pain and its very costly. I’m going with some cheapo outfit out of some hostel in Chengdu and I met my tour mates on the Lonely Planet message board. Stay tuned.




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