My route–follow me!

This map will always be stuck to the front page, so check back often to see my progress. New posts will appear below the map. Thanks for reading!


5 responses to “My route–follow me!

  1. Dear A.M.,
    Your Dad is a co-worker of mine. I met you once and have to say I
    am really enjoying your Journey/ posts! The ultimate adventure!
    Mt. Everest, the people the land-It’s all good and makes you thankful
    for what we take for granted. God Bless you and keep the info. coming!
    Lin Stackhouse-

  2. hi anne marie, i am so enjoyin all you are getting done on your trip. stay safe and enjoy the trip of alife, aunt mary

  3. i can;t believe i did this right. love, aunt mary

  4. Really enjoying the blog and the pictures! Love you and really proud of you! Stay safe and keep in touch. LOVE, MOM

  5. Anne Marie, I laughed as I read your account of your plane trip from hell with
    the very hungry family!! Your descriptive words were as if I was there with you!
    Of course, I’m sure you are glad that plane ride is over.
    What a fine writer you are!!! Hope you come out with a book!
    Prayers and Concern for your safety.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! God Bless,
    Jim & Lin Stackhouse.

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